Before becoming a qualified Lifesaver and patrol the beaches you need to take part in your Bronze or SRC course and pass the required assessments. The Bronze Medallion course is a comprehensive program that covers essential lifesaving knowledge and skills. It includes theory and practical training in areas such as rescue techniques, basic first aid, CPR, managing aquatic emergencies, and water safety education.

The Surf Rescue Certificate (SRC) is a similar course specifically designed for younger individuals aged 13-15. It focuses on developing foundational skills in lifeguarding and water safety.

Both courses usually require a certain level of swimming proficiency, including timed swims and demonstrations of aquatic rescue techniques. Along with the practical assessments, there are also written exams to evaluate theoretical knowledge.

Once you have completed the required coursework and assessments, you will receive a certificate and bronze medallion attesting your qualification as a lifesaver.

Please refer to our course calendar to book in your Bronze Medallion or SRC course.  North Burleigh also offers a number of other course that you can take part in. 

We look forward to seeing you on the beach soon!!